Being fit is not a destination...

Being fit is not a destination...

Being fit is not a desitination

Being fit is not a desitination

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Abundant Life

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.
Ephesians 3:20

I remember 3 years ago when I got baptized and truly gave my life to Christ hearing a message saying that when you give your heart to God, He doesn't work in just your life, but in the life of those you love and care for. I remember hearing that God would give you more than you could ever ask for more than you could ever imagine. 

Usually when we think of receiving blessings we think of receiving the things we have wanted, gaining financial blessings and reaching our personal goals. But honestly I don't think this is what God is speaking of. While yes we will receive physical blessings and extra perks in life, what God is striving for is souls. 

When I gave my life to Christ I didn't realize the impact that it would have on the lives of those around me. I didn't realize that His power is so strong that He would not only move in my life, but in the life of the ones I loved the most. 

This past weekend was one of those weekends where you realize how far things have come and just how much God has moved in your life, and where I realized how much He had moved in the lives of those around me.

2 years ago my sister was in a desperate place. She was unsuccessfully dealing with a drug addiction. She was running around wild stealing money, TVs , jewelry and anything else she could think of. But she wasn't stealing from just anyone, she was stealing from my parents. It was heartbreaking. It put my parents in a horrible position. After dealing with her behavioral issues and drug addiction for over 12 years my parents were tapped out.

Their marriage was falling apart. They could NOT agree on how to handle the situation and she was constantly coming between them. I didn't know what to do I would try to protect them and they would turn on me. I would try to warn them and they would ignore me. I hated my sister's actions. I missed the sister I had grown up with. I hated watching my parents divide. I didn't know what I could do to stop the destruction. So as a new Christian I prayed. 

God told me to keep my mouth shut, to stay out of things as best as I could and let Him do the work. As hard as it was, I learned how to keep my mouth shut and stay out of my parents dealings with my sister. Not much changed.

Then we were on a vacation in NJ a year ago. My parents had decided to let my sister stay home and watch the dogs and cats. For a few days nothing happened. Then Nick (my fiance) went over to mow the lawn and what he found was disturbing. At this point my sister was 6 months pregnant. Nick walked into the house to find TV's missing, drugs in my sisters room and her boyfriend running for his life down the street.  

This brought our vacation to an abrupt hault. My parents were forced to put my sister in jail and we headed home to see the damage. 

My sister had been struggling her whole pregnancy. She hated every minute of it. She didn't stay with the dad and felt very disconnected. She ended up having the baby in jail. Even though she was in jail for weeks before the baby was born, he was still born suffering with symptoms of withdraw. 

As depressing as this story is...God worked out an amazing miracle. Just as it says in the Bible- God works all things for the good of those that love Him.- even the ugliest of situations. My sister knew pretty early on in her pregnancy that she did not want to keep the baby, so she decided to give him up for adoption. Well it just so happened that a family friend of ours, a very close friend of my mom's had just had an adoption that didn't go through due to the mom changing her mind. So the topic came up of her adopting the baby. There were a few bumps in the road, but all in the all the adoption went without a hitch and now my sweet nephew Jeremy is in a loving home with 4 older siblings and 2 loving parents. My sister received drug counseling while in jail and giving the baby up for adoption helped her make a complete 360 and she is now clean and has been for almost a year now!

We are also blessed because we get to see Jeremy grow up on Facebook and get to see him in person now and again. This weekend was one of those miraculous weekends where we got to see him in person.  My kids got to see their cousin and play with him, my sister was there and my dad even WANTED to take a picture of all of his grandkids. (My dad is another story all together LOL, but that to me seemed huge) And my mom got to have all of her kids and grandkids under the same room for a morning. It was such a blessed day.

And as if that isn't enough, God is blessing us with yet another family member as my sister and her boyfriend are now expecting their own baby in November. She has handled this pregancy completely different. I am so proud of her and how much she has changed in just a short time. I am so proud of how she is handling herself and growing up. I am soo proud to say she is my sister. And I am sooo thankful to God to have the loving sisterly relationship we now have. 

This weekend was proof that God will not only bless you and your life. He will move in the lives of those around and restore all relationships! He will give you way more than you can even hold or carry - he will give you exceedingly and abundantly beyond. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Just Make a Decision Already!

As women we are known to change our minds a few times. We are known to say one thing while meaning another. We can feel one way in our hearts, but still do the opposite anyways because we tend to want to make others around us happy. 

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10

My future mother in law (19 days and counting! LOL) always says to me, "Let your no be no and your yes be yes." As simple as this sounds, it can be so easy to say no and then do it or say yes and then not follow through. It leaves behind a personally feeling of yuckiness, knowing you can't even depend on your own self to do and say what you mean. 

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. When wickedness comes, contempt comes also, and with dishonor comes disgrace. The words of a man's mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook. It is not good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the righteous of justice. ...
Proverbs 18: 1-24

Everyday we are faced with making hundreds of decisions. We make decisions about what we will wear, say, eat, who we will talk to, where we will go, how we handle a situation and so on and so forth. A lot of the decisions we make we hardly even think of. Going to the bathroom, blinking, breathing, sighing, habits and reactions. Yet decision making is a huge part of life.

People who can not make up their mind are annoying. (I can say that because there was a time I was one.) They never know what they want, they constantly teeter on the fence not willing to choose a direction and stick with it. 

I realized this about myself years ago in the midst of a really bad relationship. I realized a few things that contributed to the demise of this relationship and therefore my inner unhappiness: I realized I wasn't thankful for what I had, yet I was ungrateful for what I didn't have. I was looking everywhere but up. I couldn't make up mind for the life of me, because I was too worried about making my boyfriend happy - which was not an easy task. I was looking to a man a to make me happy instead of God. These revelations were life changing!

My heart knew that there was more to life. I knew I could be happy again. Truly happy. 

Here is the thing about decisions. Some decisions you make daily and then there are some you only make once and then as Pastor Stovall has said- you then maintain that decision for the rest of your life.

For example: The choice to become a Christian. It is not something I have to wake up every morning and decide. I already know I am. What my decision know is how will I go about studying, learning,growing and being a Christian. 

Once I get married I won't have to decide if I love this man or if I will forgive him his faults, I already will make that choice the day we get married. What I will have to choose is how I carry out that love for him the rest of my life. 

Whatever you are facing in life right this moment. Whatever you feel you need to change or fix I challenge you to make a decision: Make a decision to do what is right regardless of how hard it feels. Make a decision to focus on Jesus every time it gets hard. Make a decision to let your yes be yes and your no be no. Stand on what you know is true and aim to please God and not man. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3: 5-6

I have found being able to do what I say and say what I mean has increased my confidence in myself. By aiming to please God verses man I am not as hurt when someone does something offensive. I am able to re-focus on Jesus and accept the fact that we all fall short of the glory of God and truly forgive others. When my thinking starts going in a bad direction instead of evening acknowledging it or giving it any power I have made a decision to train myself to just start thinking of Jesus. I capture my thoughts and submit them onto the Lord.I change my direction of thinking, clear my head and make a decision I am able to firmly stand on. 

Being indecisive is no fun. It actually makes life harder. 

Dear Lord,
You amaze me everyday. I had no idea that these words were in me today, but as always when I let the Holy Spirit lead I am always pleasantly surprised. Thank you Jesus for always teaching us and guiding us to be the best us we can be. Thank you for your patience and kindness during the process.  
Thank you for a firm foundation that allows me to stand strong and gives me assurance. I pray Lord that we aim to please you and that we are bold enough to do what you have called us to do no matter what the world may say. We put our trust in you, 

In Jesus name, 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to work out with Kids.

Are you a mom? Do you struggle to find time for yourself. let alone time to workout? The truth is as busy moms it is our DUTY to make time for ourselves and to workout. Usually for me, I have to kill two birds with one stone and use my workout time as my ME time. Which all that really means is it is a time I teach my children to either join me or finding something else to do, but this is one time I won't stop what I am doing - unless it is a complete emergency.

Working out with kids around is not easy. But it is so worth it. The truth is your kids are always watching you. Whether they see you working hard, being lazy, quitting or struggling to finish something. THEY ARE WATCHING!

And since they are watching us it is important that they see us make good choices. And a good choice to make on a daily basis is to take time out for yourself and your body.  All it takes is 30 minutes a day!

So maybe you are sitting here reading and thinking this sounds good, but seriously how do you work out with your kids??? They don't sit still, will get into things, how will I concentrate? I totally understand I have two rugrats of my own who distract me daily!! LOL 

 In the beginning it will be hard to train them to respect your time. But with consistency they will learn and it will just become a part of their routine. 

Working out with your kids can be fun! There are ways to make it enjoyable for them and easier for you! 

1. Invite God into this part of your life. Pray for the strength, endurance, self-discipline and control. Lean on Jesus to carry you through and use this time as a time to practice staying calm when things get crazy. Use this time to focus on Jesus and God and the amazing body you have! 

2. Take the time to teach your kids why exercise is important. This helps them understand why you need to take the time to exercise daily, and why it is important for them also. 

3. Get a jogging stroller!!! A jogging stroller can be a fit mommy's best friend! With a jogging stroller you can exercise anywhere! Take a walk on the beach/ jog on the beach, run/jog in your neighborhood, rollerblade, go hiking. And the best part of using a jogging stroller with your ever growing child in it is the stroller creates resistance and the weight of your child gradually increases which increases your endurance and strength! Also if you have more than one child encourage your older children to ride their bikes or scooters along with you! We have found some beautiful paved trails and parks here in Jacksonville, FL, do some research into the nature parks in the town around you. They provide great places for outdoor exercise, fun and activity for the whole family! 

4. Incorporate them in your workout! Give them a mat and some very light weights. Let them try  and play around. Don't get mad when they don't finish the workout with you, but praise them for trying and tell them how strong they are! 

5. Give them something fun to do while you work out. The other day I wanted to get in a 20 minute workout so I went out in the driveway. I quickly grabbed some sponges, a funnel, colander and few big plastic bowls and a bucket, filled them up with water and let the kids go to town. While they squealed with delight I sweated my brains out! You can also do things like set them up with play dough, a puzzle, or simply go outside! 

6. Be PATIENT!!! Be patient with yourself and your kids. They WILL distract you. There WILL be days you have to stop what you are doing to tend to a scraped knee or diffuse an argument. But these WILL be opportunities to show your children that you are not that easily distracted and after you take care of the problem you get back to work! This is the hardest part, but the most important! Unless its a true emergency, don't get caught up in the fact you had to stop, just focus on the fact that you need to finish! 


. Spend some quality time together before you go to workout. It is amazing what happens when you spend just 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with your kids. Just sit and talk with them, maybe read a book and ask questions. It is amazing what happens when I do this with my kids, they then don't feel the need to try to get my attention constantly while I am working out!

Here is the 20 Minute Workout I did while the kids were playing the other day: (And trust me during  workouts like this one a distraction or two from the kids is welcomed! LOL)  But seriously you do not have to work out forever if while you are working out you stay focused and move as best as you can. Using combination moves like the ones below also helps train multiple parts of your body while blasting major calories and boosting your metabolism. 

2 Minute Warmup
1 min for each exercise. Rest 20-30 seconds in between 
Equipment - light set of weights

1. Right Leg Backward Lunge with lateral shoulder raises 
2. Left Leg Backward Lunge with Y shoulder raises 
3. Squat and Press
4. High Knees
5. Side lunge with crescent moon raises
6.Burpees with a jump
7. Twisting Plank. 

Repeat 1 more time for a total of 2 rounds. 

Cool Down and Stretch 3- 5 minutes.

Enjoy! Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stinkin' Thinkin'

Part of being a Fit Mommy for me includes being happy in all areas of my life. When one area of my life dominates over another area I find I become disgruntled and unhappy. I have a few passions in my life: Loving and serving the Lord, home -schooling and interacting with my children, and then I also love being active and staying fit. 

I keep finding that my two passions for fitness and homeschooling keep bumping heads. It is like there is just not enough time in a day for both. At this stage both of my kids are still young, my son is 6 1/2 and my daughter isn't even two yet. Teaching them is very hands on and interactive. 

Truthfully I LOVE teaching them, planning and coming up with ideas, crafts and field trips. I loose track of time and I feel like Homeschooling is a great opportunity to see the Holy Spirit in action.

But then there is this part of me that feels like Homeschooling my kids is just NOT enough. I need to be more and do more.  

So I share my passion and love for fitness in hopes to help others and maybe make a little bit of money. (Because no matter how hard I try I just feel better about myself if I am bringing in some money). But the harder I try to make a business out of it, the more I push it the more unhappy it makes me. It seems to bear no fruit and then I become frustrated, disgruntled and hard on myself. 

I miss my kids and feel like they are watching too much TV.

I find myself constantly torn. 

I will never stop working out it is part of my DNA,

But so are my children and they are only young once....

As the new school year approaches it has me thinking about our schedule and where I am going to need to make changes. If I already feel overwhelmed (I guess planning a wedding is also  taking up a lot of time :P) then I am going to have to let some things go. 

And what I have to let go of is my EGO!

So what if I never make any money as an online trainer?
What if the most important job I have to homeschool my kids? 
And I miss out on that because I am focused on money?

The Bible says you cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve Both God and Money.

There is nothing wrong with trying to make money and working. But I can not base my worth, status or value on the amount of money I make. My value, worth and status are found in the fact that I am a daughter of Christ. 

That alone is all I need and really is all that will satisfy me. 

Being fit and healthy is not just about working out and eating right. It is about the whole package: Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. I don't want my kids to see me stressing about my body image or working out or how much money I make. I want them to see that exercise and healthy eating are a natural way of life, and if you miss a day of exercise it is ok. I want them see me trusting in God no matter how much money we have or don't have.  I don't want to get so sidetracked by the world's standards that I forget to live by God's standards!

Because when I live by the world's standards that is when  I become unhappy. And right now in my life while my kids are young the truth is I should focus on them and enjoy them because before I know it they will be grown and out of the house...I better enjoy that while I can and QUIT obsessing and thinking about things that don't really matter. 

Dear Heavenly Father ,

Today Lord I turn my thoughts over to you knowing your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and your ways are higher than my ways. I pray Lord that I am obedient to you with raising the children you have so blessed me with. I thank you Lord for the processing of healing and growing! I love you ! In Jesus name I pray, Amen, 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I think I can, I think I can...

"... by his wounds we are healed. "

Isaiah 53:5

   It feels like ever since we have decided to get married the enemy is out to get us. And as we can tell from the current Federal Court ruling the enemy especially wants to ruin marriages between a Christian man and women. 

Well I have news for the enemy: I don't care how much he tries to stop this wedding. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. 

I am soo excited to get to a point in my life where I will be living in the covenant of God. For the first time in YEARS I will NOT be living in sin!!! Hallelujah! 

But the enemy is screaming and freaking out trying to stop Nick and I any way he can. This is what has happened since we have decided to get married just two months ago:

My contract job ended sooner than expected.
My car was broke down for a month.
Nick and I have gotten into a few big fights that made us both think twice.
His aunt suggested we wait a year to get married. (the enemy will even work through those that love you to prevent a union from being blessed)
Nick's job has been inconsistent and money has been super tight. We are considering if he should stay at this company or not.
On top of it all - let's make a long story short - Nick had Knee surgery about 2 years ago, he got addicted pills and things got bad...he finally got off the pills by taking what a doctor suggested which was Suboxone, well the problem with Suboxone is it is addicting too and after taking that for a year he had to ween himself off of that too! Well praise God he finally did, but it has not been without its side effects of Nick feeling tired and sick and me having to try to be patient and understanding as he went through it. 
Then on top of that I got really sick this past weekend and was diagnosed with an ear infection and strep throat!

It has been a rough road to say the least. "But surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows." Isaiah 53:4 So I am standing firm on the word of the Lord. 

I don't care what anyone says or thinks - on August 15, 2015 Nick and I are getting married! And not because we have the best love story, but because we both really love God and have been through so much together and we want our union blessed by God. And you know that the only want to defeat the enemy is with the power of Jesus. 

"Love covers a multitude of sin." Proverbs 10:12

I share this post today because no one is perfectly healthy all the time and it can be so easy to become defeated when you are at your weakest. But just as God says, when we are weak He is strong. Right now as we walk out these next 30 days until our wedding I am aware that the enemy will attack us, but I will not stop planning. I will not cancel or postpone this wedding, because at the end of the day the only thing that really matters to me is that I am living right with God and doing what He has commanded me to do. 

Taking care of ourselves and being healthy is more than eating right and exercising. It is the love of God and love for God that keeps us healthy. When you love someone so much you will listen and obey them no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. God will command us to do things that push us out of our comfort zone, that force us to look within, and that will create an everlasting change inside of us. He asks us to love the unlovable, he asks us to turn the other cheek when we are scorned, he tells us to forgive others as many times as it takes, he commands us to treat our bodies as a temple, to pay attention to our thoughts and to shine our light for the world to see.

What God asks us to do as Christians is never easy. But it is always worth it.   

What is God asking you to do today that scares you?
Do it anyway
Have faith in God that no matter what it will all work out for the good of those that love Him